Our mission at Adventurestrong.com is to harness our expert experience from traveling to help make adventure travel more accessible for everyone.

We’ve journeyed extensively within the United States and globally, with so much more travel planned in the upcoming years. As a family, we’re passionate about outdoor adventures, continually seeking to learn and explore. We’re fervent hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, skiers, sailors, and bikers, eager to share all our knowledge to help you embark on your own adventures.

Here on Adventurestrong.com, discover our destination guides, how-tos on adventure travel, gear reviews, and more to inspire your own explorations!

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About Shahed Parvej

(primary contributor at Adventurestrong.com)

Shahed has accumulated over 15 years of experience working with children and teenagers in outdoor education and adventure travel. His tenure in the outdoor education realm saw him taking on roles such as a Captain and Program Manager aboard tall ships, collaborating with esteemed institutions like Salish Sea Expeditions, Sea Education Association, and the Gundalow Company.

Shahed is fervently committed to curating experiences that foster connections – to others, our planet, and oneself. He firmly believes that adventure travel will mold the forthcoming generations of global stewards, pioneers, and visionaries.

An ardent adventurer, Shahed currently journeys the globe with his family, documenting the experiences and insights of family travel on Adventurestrong.com. Whether it’s climbing, hiking, backpacking, sailing, skiing, kayaking, or biking, Shahed is always on the move. He’s the main voice on the blog, handling the majority of the writing and photography.

When not on the road, Shahed can be found indulging in his other passions, painting, and nurturing his budding ventures. Delve deeper into these by visiting his sites:

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Our Story

I first encountered Dave on a boat in Key West. It was a brief moment, a swift introduction as I set foot on a vessel for a 6-week sea journey, part of the Sea Education Association college semester program. Two years subsequent to that meeting, Dave and I were reintroduced, thanks to his cousin, my college roommate. The universe had its way of interweaving our destinies.

During the initial 5 years, our relationship blossomed. We both accepted short-term contracts on educationally oriented sail training tall ships, teaching leadership, science, and sail training. Between contracts, our love for travel saw us exploring various places, from skiing in Breckenridge to sailing up to British Columbia.

Deciding to wed meant imagining a life where our future kids would be part of every adventure. The early years of our matrimony saw us settling in North Carolina, pursuing higher education, teaching, purchasing our first home, and welcoming our twins, Hadley and Fin. Adventures with young ones took a different, yet equally exciting, form.

Post the birth of our third child, Freja, we took a brief hiatus from travel. This period was about addressing other passions, like backyard farming and growing our own food. While we aren’t perpetual travelers, we’ve devised systems to harmoniously integrate our home and travel lives.

Today, our children are seasoned travelers. Our decision to start Adventurestrong.com in 2021 was to chronicle our wealth of knowledge on adventure travel. That same year, I transitioned from my role as a program manager at a local non-profit, while Dave forayed into the offshore wind energy domain.

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